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DIYA BREAST PUMP - Pumping Milk has never been easier

Founder’s message

Congratulations on your bundle of joy! I am sure being new mother is a rewarding experience but yet a tiring one. Being a mother myself I can confidently say that investing in Diya Double Electric Breast Pump is going to be the best decision for yourself and your new bundle of joy. The product is designed to mimic baby’s natural sucking behaviour, and the breast milk is conveniently released fast and efficiently.

I would like to share some of my experiences. Tips for using the breast pump as well as tips that really helped me a great deal after having my first baby. I hope they are of great use and help for you as well!

1 Always use the Pumping Bra:

  • It will make pumping frequently a very convenient and tireless activity. This is because you don’t need to hold breast shields and bottles. You can sit upright or on a bed to pump or you can even stand up. If you hold the shields and the bottles without the bra, it can be tiring to hold it in that same position for about 15 mins.
  • More important you can adjust the position of the nipples properly for the entire pumping session when using the bra. Make sure your nipples are centred in the breast shield.
  • You can adjust the bra accordingly to your size. Use the bra extender if needed.

2 Massage your breasts at times during pumping to ensure that milk flows freely

3 Engorged breasts

  • In case of engorged breasts, it is recommended to massage your breasts first, and use minimal suction before gradually increasing the pressure after the milk starts to flow
  • In cases of mastitis, breast pump supports healing by removing breast milk from the affected breast

4 Nipple soreness

  • When you start expressing breast milk the strain on your nipples may lead to soreness which will go away on its own. Just rinse breasts with clean water when shower but avoid any soaps. Expressing breast milk shouldn’t be painful and if it is, then you should seek help.

5 Other tips

  • Always swaddle your baby as it helps to soothe the baby and less chances to make him/her up due to startle reflex.