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Use our Diya Breast Pump for comfortable breast pumping anytime anywhere.

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Women empowerment, as mothers can express comfortably and multi-task

Diya Breast Pump is the only pump in India which makes mother hands-free and mobile while pumping, as it is portable and comes with free pumping bra and rechargeable battery.

  • Single or Double electric Pump capability.
  • Hospital grade suction of 330 mmHg. Empties breasts in 10-15 minutes.
  • Rechargeable battery with 3 hours of use time once fully charged.
  • Free-pumping bra included.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Quiet and compact.
  • Closed system so milk does not go into tubes. Easy to clean and prevents milk contamination.
  • 1 year warranty for the machine.

Shipping for Diya Breast Pump


  • We have tied up with various logistic partners so provide fastest delivery service to our customers.
  • The delivery is free.
  • We ship all over India.

All issues resolved

  • The pump is very good and you can see it in the video how it is pumping.
  • In case of any machine damage, we replace it within 24 hours, and ensure there is NEVER any issue faced by our customers.

Customer care

  • We value our every customer, and we work hard to provide the best quality service to your customers.
  • Just WhatsApp us at +91-8130822537 your query or issue while using Diya Breast Pump and we will help to provide you 100% satisfaction.

Contact Diya Breast pump

WhatsApp Message

  • For fastest response time, we recommend WhatsApp message first rather than a call so we have a record while communicating with you.
  • We can always have a call post that to solve all your queries.

Breast shield size for Diya Breast Pump

Breast shield size

  • Pump comes with 24mm breast shield.
  • Additional sizes of breast shield should be bought separately.
  • Additional sizes do not come with silicon massage insert, standard for all pumps in market. It works so effectively without it, and some mothers find it better that way.

Warranty for Diya Breast Pump


  • The warranty is 1 year on the machine, battery, adapter from date of purchase.
  • The purchase can be from any platform so be it our website, amazon prime or any other online/offline channel. For warranty claim you will need to reach us.

Additional information

Dimensions 35 × 11.4 × 27 cm
Item Weight

1.45 KG


1 Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

Battery life

3 Hours

Power Adapter Input

100-240V 50/60HZ

Power Adapter Output



1 Years

What is included

In each package, you will find:

  • 1 Pumping Bra
  • 2 Bottles with Nipples
  • 2 Connectors
  • 2 Breast Shield (24 mm) Extra sizes can be purchased separately.
  • 2 Silicon massage insert
  • 4 Duckbill valve
  • 2 Silicon Diaphragm
  • 2 Cylinder cover
  • 1 Double pumping tube which is recommended
  • 1 Single pumping tube
  • 1 Adapter
  • 1 Rechargeable lithium ion battery (last 3 hours once fully charged)
  • 1 Motor unit


Machine has 1 Year Warranty from date of purchase.


Diya Booklet English & Hindi Version (12)

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68 reviews for Double Electric Breast Pump

  1. Shweta

    I love my Diya breastpump. The pump is US FDA approved, very reliable breastpump. Can multi task while pumping- truly mobile and hands free.

  2. Sharmila

    Very easy to put together and use! I am able to double my output in half the time with this pump versus earlier single electric pump.

  3. Arpita

    Helped to increase my milk supply-
    The pump is powerful yet gentle, extracts milk quickly. I felt it helped to increase my milk supply. Sometimes the baby fed less sometimes more so when he fed less, I emptied breasts using this pump. The pumping bra and rechargeable battery is just amazing. Can literally do anything while pumping!! No need to hold the pump in a fixed position while pumping!

  4. Tejal Agrawal‎

    Amazing pump! Very easy to use Fantastic double electric pump! Best in class- so easy to assemble and use. I noticed increases in milk supply after using this. Lucky I bought the pump before delivery, took it out when had engorgement issues! Also I just found the pumping bra to be extremely useful.. Definitely recommend this super-duper pump

  5. Arpita

    Superb pump
    Worth a buy…value for money

  6. apoorva

    Best in class the rechargeable battery and the pumping bra are the bessttt features of the pump. Pumping experience is like 10x better when I used the bra! No backache at all..and so free!

  7. Neha

    Portable, extracted lot of milk very fast! Extremely good suction, emptied both breasts in about 10 mins!

  8. Maneet

    Very useful I use this pump to express milk 4 times a day. It is easy to use, clean and handle.
    Hands free-Pumping bra makes pumping very easy.

  9. Deepali

    Awesome pump Great pump at a very low price! Amazing features, rechargeable battery means can pump while playing with the baby or watching TV even! Totally a god send!

  10. Shreya

    Super-duper pump! Amazing pump! So affordable with so many useful features like pumping bra and a rechargeable battery. Totally recommend it!

  11. Namrata

    Very nice product very efficient pump! Must try

  12. Disha

    Perfect buy for working moms I have been using the product since one month now. Must buy for working moms to continue feeding your little one!.

  13. Poja

    Great pump amazing features like pumping bra makes pumping super easy!

  14. Arpita

    Diya breast pump is a great product totally loved it, saw increase in milk supply! Helped me to get some sleep as my husband fed the baby while I was resting!’

  15. Hema Sahi

    Fantastic product…such a savior! This is a great product for moms who are looking to express and feed the baby. Double pumping saves so much time. Can’t see any down side in this product
    it’s a must if you are open to feeding your baby expressed milk. Pumping bra is a great feature!

  16. Nisha

    Comfortable, yet powerful pumping I can just pump in bed without worrying about waking my little one who sleeps in a cot nearby. The parts seems to be good quality, suction is great and the pumping experience is comfortable esp. with the pumping bra. The pump is truly mobile as I just charge the battery full and then can use it for 3-4 day!

  17. Manjula

    Best pump out there! I LOVE that the battery is rechargeable and I don’t have to be tethered to a wall outlet or rely on AAA batteries. The pumping bra makes pumping completely hands-free. I wear the pumping bra 24×7. The pump is super easy to clean and I like that there are so many pump settings. This is definitely a great option for traveling or when you are on the go. After using this, and seeing how easy it is, actually makes pumping kind of fun!

  18. Deepika

    The BEST pump out there! I am successfully exclusively pumping now with this pump esp the pumping bra and the rechargeable battery makes it so easy to pump. I’ve tried other pumps, and this is by far the best. The suction is superior. It’s very easy to use, and my milk supply increased. I recommend this pump to all mothers, but especially to moms who are going to be exclusively pumping. In my opinion, there is no other option!

  19. Dhanishka

    I love this breast pump I started using it about a week ago and noticed it has helped my breast milk supply to come back in with the letdown feature which mimics a baby sucking

  20. Priyanka

    Used this all day and all night for weeks
    This pump saved our lives. My baby was hospitalized and unable to eat for 25 days following his birth. I was able to keep my supply and commence breastfeeding him when he was well enough because of this pump. I took it back and forth between the hospitals. Our freezer is full of supply that I got with this pump.

  21. Tejaswi

    Portable, reliable and extracts amazingly! I will highly recommend this product. It extracts milk incredibly well, has multiple settings to adjust strengths, and leaves me feeling empty and great. My previous pump never did what this does so I never realized I was missing out. I love the portability of it and the fact it has a free pumping bra Best purchase and such a reasonable price.

  22. Phanita

    Highly Recommended!!
    OUTSTANDING!! The pump is quiet, very portable, and easy to use. It works well and it is fast!! Great Customer Support. Highly Recommended!!

  23. Poulomi

    Five stars! -Great pump
    Easy to use, very light, and compact. I think this is the best pump around. Super! Wish I had skipped trying the other pumps, and went straight to this one first! Lesson learned. Best pump on the market!

  24. Sneha

    Very happy!
    settled on this breast pump since I did not have luck with Medela. I found this one to be very comfortable, productive, and convenient. The pumping bra and rechargeable battery combo is just awesome. Suction very good. Cleaning was easy as was assembly.

  25. Neha

    Great Pump
    Works great!!! I love this pump! Used single electric with the first baby, and this one is so much better because it does the job in half the time! Highly recommend it, amazing product and really reasonable. !

  26. Latika

    Excellent If you are serious about nursing, and want to be able to nurse for longer than 6 months this is the pump for you! I also traveled out of town and had no problems keeping my supply up!

  27. Keerthi

    Excellent, efficient, quick (takes 10-15 mins of pumping time) and convenient (as includes a free pumping bra and amazing rechargeable battery which lasts 3 hours plus). Have been using for 3 weeks regularly at work 2-3 times daily at least, sometimes more. I am happy with the investment. No downside!.

  28. Rajadhi

    This is a GREAT little pump! Super simple & the size is great. I’ve never used another pump but I’d recommend this one. Its amazingly good quality and really helped to increase my milk supply and deal with engorgement issues! I run it on rechargeable battery and hence totally mobile with the free pumping bra! Recommend to see the tutorial videos once before first use!

  29. Sania

    Best at home pump on the market Its great pump if you want to take out the milk out quickly. I highly recommend using the free bra (can use it as a daily bra too) as it allows you to still use hands for a phone or computer work while pumping. The parts are easy to take apart and clean.

  30. Manorama

    Best pump out there!
    Extremely easy to use, I like the fast let-down speed which helps my milk production.

  31. Indumati

    Amazing pump increased my supply!
    Coming from a mom who almost lost her supply! Had tried manual and single electric pumps prior to Diya breastpump!. Bought this based on reviews and a friends recommendation..and I am soooo glad I did! I was super close to losing my milk so early (I’d like to go for a year), but this pump was able to pump it all out and increase my supply in no time. The rechargeable battery and pumping bra is just so thoughtful features!

  32. Nisha

    Exclusive pumping mum!
    I have been exclusively pumping and bottle feeding my little one and needed a light, transportable pump. Majority of the electric pumps I found were either too heavy to carry around or too expensive. I took a chance and bought this brand and don’t regret it one bit. Its strong and the rechargeable battery lasts for 3 hours plus on full charge. Even better is the fact that it’s actually affordable.

  33. Richa Verma

    Best pump ever! Very efficient and has helped me yield more milk. But in addition to the efficiency and comfort and convenience of this cordless pump it is much easier to clean and has amazing battery life. It has lasted me 3 to 4 days double pumping about 4 times per day.It also allows for single pumping!

  34. Ananya

    I use it as my main pump
    I bought this pump so when I go back to work I have a more transportable pump. And it’s very small and compact. I love it. I can usually get the majority of my milk out in 10 minutes. The suction is high strength. With the pumping bra and rechargeable battery, I use this pump anywhere. I also got the Diya breastpump poncho with the pump. I pumped in the car the other day on our way home.

  35. Bipasha

    More milk! I got manual pumps before this. I was convinced I had a supply issue that would not be resolved. After using this pump this morning my worries have subsided. Also, I love being mobile with this pump.

  36. Gayatri

    Exceeded my expectations I bought this pump after facing supply issues and I have to say, I’m extremely impressed! It’s a closed-system pump and BPA free. The suction strength is very good, you can use it as a single and double pump. It’s very quiet and easily portable! I love that it’s compact and fits easily in my bag. One amazing feature is the silicone covers on the flanges. It makes pumping so comfortable! Another amazing and different feature is the pumping bra and rechargeable battery feature. I highly highlyrecommend it!

  37. Varsha Arora

    Can’t recommend enough! The price fit perfectly with what I wanted to spend for a pump.. This pump was a savior as it helped me sustain my milk supply! The parts are very easy to use and clean. If you’re like me and have trouble with breastfeeding, try this pump, you won’t regret it. If I did not have this pump I truly believe I would not have been able to sustain breastfeeding for as long as I have.

  38. Nikita

    Best thing ever! The only reason I was able to give breastmilk to my baby for over a year!.Since I have been able to breastfeed my daughter for this long it has made the bond between me and her strong which is priceless.

  39. Devanshi Bhishti

    I am very impressed by Diya double Breast Pump!
    It comes complete with virtually everything that you will need. Can work as a single or double pump, whichever you choose. I really liked all of the extras, such the pumping bra and even silicone covers to make the flanges more comfortable when against the breast while pumping. It has everything to get a mom going with pumping.

  40. Deepali

    Very good pump! Great features at a great price! Can’t find any cons!

  41. Maneet

    Small but strong! So far this seems like a great little pump! The silicone flange cover adds a lot of comfort, and seems to help simulate a real latch. Helped to increase my milk supply. The pumping bra is an amazing feature and so it’s the rechargeable battery!

  42. Anuradha

    I love this pump! I was able to wash dishes and change a diaper all while pumping thanks to the pumping bra and the rechargeable battery! This will really come in handy when I go back to work.

  43. Latika

    Love this pump! Did lots of research before deciding on one and went with this one as it’s easy to take with, doesn’t have to be plugged in, small, easy to use! This pump is amazing! It works great and is so easy to use. As a first time mom I was nervous to use one and wasn’t sure what to do! Very easy to use and clean! Pumping bra is just great!

  44. Kirtan

    Its incredibly convenient to use- I like the fact that I can plug it in to recharge the battery and then pump anywhere. The pump itself it small so it’s easy to throw in a purse etc.

  45. Harshita

    bought this as a stay at home mom and I love it! I use it on and off when I need a break. Pumping bra really good feature. Super portable and I travel with it!

  46. Jesminder Kaur

    Don’t waste money on trying other pumps, buy Diya breastpump! I went cheap my first pregnancy and got an Avent. I had to pump 20 min or more, the pump was not at all portable and it has a lot of parts to clean. Just a huge pain. This pump is small, completely portable, and the charge lasts at least a week when I only pump about 2-3 times per day. Using the pumping bra made a hell of a difference. The pump itself is super-efficient — I haven’t pumped longer than 10 min on this. I recommend this pump 100%!

  47. Neha

    Buy this if you plan for breast feeding long term. You will have freedom to roam and multi-task, won’t have to lug a big chunky heavy pump around to work or anywhere outdoors and will make you feel less strapped to sit and pump. The pumping bra and rechargeable battery makes the pump truly portable.

  48. Pratiksha

    Amazing pump, worth every rupee! It’s a well worth the investment! Amazing pumping bra, good rechargeable battery, and powerful suction. Get one if you haven’t!

  49. Keerthi

    This pump is wonderful. I love how compact and portable it is. I can pump on an airplane, in a taxi, almost anywhere I need to. Got the Diya breastpump poncho also. I wish I would have gotten this pump earlier, now I find myself wanting to breastfeed longer because it is so easy!

  50. Poonam

    If you are a working mom especially don’t hesitate to buy this. The best thing is the hands free pumping bra so you don’t have to hold your flanges while pumping. It’s worth every rupee spent, much superior to manual/single electric pumps out there.

  51. Harshita

    This is single handedly the best item I have purchased since baby. I was an exclusive pumper for 6 months and this gave my freedom back. I could pump on the go and multi task at home. Great suction and small enough to clip on pants. HIGHLY recommend.

  52. Sheetal Mundhra

    I knew nothing about pumps when I bought this product. I love it totally. The rechargeable battery and pumping bra makes it totally truly mobile. The suction is just great.

  53. Meghna

    By far the best pump!! Love everything about it- the battery life, the suction, the belt clip, everything! Always use the Hands-free bra while you’re at it! Game changer! Makes pumping easy!!

  54. Sandhya

    Worth the money. One time buy and works great for a long time. I also like that you don’t have to be confined to sitting next to a plug in order to pump your milk you can walk around and have your breasts pumped. Just make sure always wear the hands-free pumping bra so you’re able to move around and have a hands-free at the same time. I also like that has a let-down phase which encourages your breast milk to basically let down and come out faster in comparison to other breast milk pumps.

  55. Mallika

    Very fast pump It takes me just 10 minutes to pump, it’s excellent! Additionally to that, Diya breastpump increments your milk production, at least it did it to me. Is light and easy to carry, I use the rechargeable batteries for a complete week without charging them back until weekend and pumping 4 times a day.. Excellent product highly recommended!

  56. Sania

    Fantastic pump! So useful for my traveling office job. I love that I can hook up and then walk around the house and get things done esp. with the pumping bra and rechargeable battery!

  57. Neha

    Great pump so far! I have been using the Diya breastpump for two weeks now and I am very satisfied with it. No more looking for electric outlets. Use the free pumping bra as daily wear bra so can pump literally anytime anywhere. It has great suction power

  58. Sonali Arya

    Savior! My son went on nursing strike when he was 3 months old, so I had to rely on the pump for constant breast milk supply for him. I wanted to have a reliable, strong pump, that could go with me wherever. I used Diya breastpump daily, 6-7 times a day, took it on the road, to restaurants, planes etc. It worked perfect and even exceeded my expectations. Very light and portable.

  59. Sheetal

    I’ve been using this for 3 months now and I think it is excellent. Totally worth the money.

  60. Nisha

    If you want freedom while pumping this is the pump you want! I am able to cook, clean, play with my baby, change diapers and do almost anything I want while squeezing in a pump session! This is a must have pump!

  61. Kajal

    Diya breast pump is great pump, powerful suction! Loved it!

  62. Rohini

    Diya pump makes pumping so easy. The pumping bra is veryyy good! It holds the bottles firmly so i could pump easily.

  63. Raima

    I used Diya breast pump for almost 9 months and it was so good, made pumping so easy. I could pump and do other activities while pumping. The suction is very goood. Their customer service is bestt! Quick response on whatsapp. The pump is closed system so milk does not go into tubes, therefore very easy to clean, unlike Medela pumps which are veryyy tough to clean as milk goes into tubes. Diya breast pump is a must buy for a new mother. +5 stars!

  64. Rina

    Diya breast pump is super comfortable. Its closed system so milk does not go into tubes. The battery is also very useful since i could pump anywhere. It lasts 2-3 days when i charged it fully

  65. Nisha

    Great pump, price reasonable. Easy and fast pumping. Pumping bra is amazing.

  66. Rakhi

    Great pump, amazing pumping bra. I also got poncho – feeding cover which helped me lot in pumping.

  67. Shamona

    I used diya breast pump since June 2020 and its been so comfortable and fast pumping. The customer support is also great.

  68. Sneha

    Diya breast pump is great, does pumping in half the time compared to spectra and Medela pump.

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