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DIYA BREAST PUMP - Pumping Milk has never been easier

About Diya Breast Pump

Diya Breast Pump is the only pump in market which makes you completely hands-free and mobile while pumping as it comes with a Free pumping bra. The pump is trusted by big maternity hospitals of India like Cloudnine, motherhood, safdarjang, AIIMS, etc.

Key features of Diya Breast pump:

  1. 1 year warranty for the machine
  2. Available on Amazon
  3. The pump is US FDA approved.
  4. Very powerful hospital-grade suction of 330mmhg – can empty breasts in 10-15 mins
  5. The pump mimics baby’s natural sucking behaviour and is gentle on breasts.
  6. Two-in-one: The pump has both double or single side pumping option. You can change double tube with single tube that comes with the pump set, to make it single side pump only. Double pumping helps to increase milk supply.
  7. Includes a rechargeable battery with 3 hours of use time once fully charged.
  8. Can also pump while charging the pump.
  9. Includes a Free pumping bra for hands-free pumping. Our pumping bra is top-notch quality and can be worn as a daily wear bra.
  10. The pump is lightweight, compact and portable so can be easily carried in hands. This also makes the pump travel-friendly.
  11. Can be carried in palms or clipped in clothes.
  12. Quiet – ideal for night pumping.
  13. Closed system – so milk does not go into tubes and hence makes it very easy to clean. This also prevents formation of bacteria and mold.
  14. 3 Cycle (Frequency of sucking) and 6 Level Suction (Pressure) Control – for a total of 18 combinations.
  15. Super easy to assemble and use. Diya Breast Pump can be assembled in 30 seconds.
  16. Easy to clean as milk does not go into tubes.