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DIYA BREAST PUMP - Pumping Milk has never been easier

Diya Breast Pump Features

Diya Double Electric Breast Pump is a powerful breast pump, which is easy to assemble and use. It allows complete mobility and hands-free option with a powerful rechargeable battery, a pumping bra and a compact lightweight motor that can be carried anywhere. Mothers can express comfortably anytime anywhere with Diya Breast Pump.

FDA approved

The machine is FDA approved in USA and is best-in-class.

Diya Breast Pump highlights:

  • Electric
    Pump has powerful suction which makes pumping milk much faster and less tiring than a manual pump. Both breasts can be emptied in 10 minutes.
  • Double side pumping
    Can pump both breasts simultaneously which means you can pump more.
  • Pump while feeding:
    Single side pumping is possible. You can pump from one side while you can breastfeed from other side, by simply replacing double tube with single tube that comes with the pump.
  • Dual Power Source:
    The product comes along with AC adapter and rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Rechargeable and removable battery with ~ 3 hours use time, allows mother to pump anywhere on the go.
  • Includes a free Pumping Bra:
    This makes pumping hands-free and less tiring. You can do other activities while pumping by just hanging the bottles in the bra.
  • Ultra-light, compact, quiet:
    Motor unit is very lightweight and small in size so you can easily hold it in your hands or hang it in your clothes. Also, the motor unit sound is very soft while switched on, so you can pump anywhere, without disturbing others around you.
  • Portable:
    The pump is very lightweight and small, and as it comes with a rechargeable battery and a free pumping bra, it makes it very easy for you to carry it anywhere and this also makes it travel friendly.
  • Extremely easy to assemble and use:
    You can assemble the pump in 30 seconds.
  • Very easy to clean:
    Milk does not go into tubes which makes it very easy to clean the pump.
  • 18 suction levels to choose from:
    The pump starts with stimulation phase followed by option of choosing between two types of expression mode. There are 6 suction levels in each mode of the 3 modes for maximum comfort.
  • Mimics baby’s natural sucking behavior:
    The stimulation phase and expression phase mimics baby’s natural sucking behaviors, and is gentle on breasts.
  • Closed system:
    As milk doesn’t go into the tubes and hence prevents bacteria and mold.
  • Pump has a clip at the back:
    You can easily hang the pump in your clothes since its lightweight and there is a clip at its back, hence making you hands-free.
  • Soft massager insert:
    Ultra-soft silicone massager insert for comfortable pumping.
  • LCD Display with timer:
    The pump displays different mode and suction speed. Timer allows to measure duration of pumping for specific volume of milk production.
  • BPA Free:
    All parts that touch breast milk are BPA free.

1- Diya Breast Pump mimics baby’s natural feeding behaviour

Diya Breast Pump’s stimulation phase and expression phase mimics baby’s natural sucking behaviours. When babies start sucking, they suck faster, in order to get the milk to start flowing. The stimulation phase mimics this. Once the milk starts flowing, the babies suck slower but deeper allowing more milk in each suck. The expression phase mimics this.

By pumping and emptying the breasts, both the foremilk and hindmilk is extracted. Hence, pumping milk ensures that the baby gets the nutritious hind milk. The term foremilk refers to the milk at the beginning of a feeding while hindmilk refers to milk at the end of a feeding, which has a higher fat content than the milk at the beginning of the feed and is also more nutritious.

2- Pumping Bra

Our pumping bra is top notch quality and allows a mother to wear all day along since it doesn’t have holes so it is not see-through. The mother can wear the pumping bra as a normal daily wear bra. Yet, it holds the Breast shield steadily and adjust with changing body weight of the mother. Also note that if mothers pump without a pumping bra, they need to keep the Breast shield pressing against the breasts since otherwise the suction sometimes can be low. But with a good pumping bra, automatically the Breast shield are held very close to breasts.

3- Diya Breast Pump is certified safe by America’s agency which regulates breast pumps

FDA approved

Breast pumps are treated as medical device in America and are regulated by the FDA. Diya Breast Pump has been approved by FDA as safe to use by mothers.

What is FDA ?

The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) is an agency in America, setting regulations for governing the safety of medical devices, food safety, etc with the intent of ensuring those products are accurately labelled and safe to use. Only if the product governed by FDA meets their labelling and safety standards will the product be FDA approved.

4- All in one – easy to assemble, use and clean


Diya Breast Pump can be assembled in 30 seconds.


You hang the bottles in the pumping bra and the motor unit can be hung in the pyjamas, and you are set for pumping.. The motor unit has very few buttons and it’s very easy to use it. With single switch mode button you avoid any confusion during the use.


The milk does not go into tubes, so the whole process of cleaning the pump is very fast and easy.

5- Store breast milk for up to 6 months

Freshly expressed breast milk is best for your baby. Even refrigerated or frozen breast milk is superior to formula. The World Health Organization (WHO) and Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP) strongly recommends exclusive feeding breast milk for 6 months with sequential addition of other foods till 24 months.

Breast milk can be stored up to 6 months. Learn more on how to store breast milk in our video tutorial or in the about us section.

6- Diya Breast Pump is a cheaper alternative to feeding formula

Diya Breast Pump is also a cheaper alternative because feeding on formula for 1 year can cost about Rs. 60,000.

7- Us Poncho – Breast Pumping Cover for hassle-free pumping at any location

Our Diya Poncho – Breast Pumping Cover, is very soft (much softer than cotton), lightweight, flexible and you can slip it over your neck in 2 seconds. It provides full 360-degree coverage and guarantees privacy so you can use it any location.