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How to pump in office
  • Carry a bag: To pump at work, get a bag and put the pumping items in your bag and carry the bag to your office.
  • Pumping bra: Firstly, we recommend to wear the pumping bra as daily wear as really helps save time in the office and makes pumping very less tiring.
  • Charging the pump: Charge your pump so that you don’t need to be glued to power socket while you pump.
  • Cooler bag: If you don’t have a fridge in the office, then you will have to carry a portable cooler bag with ice pack. You can get one from Amazon etc.
  • Pumping frequency: We recommend pumping every 3-4 hours.
  • No fridge, then extra accessories can be carried: If you don’t have a fridge then you will have to wash the accessories after every use. If you do not want to wash all the parts again and again, then you can buy extra accessories to carry them with you.  You will need to pump twice/thrice in office depending on your office hours.
  • Fridge is there: If you have a fridge then you don’t need anything extra. You can put the used parts into the fridge and reuse it again for the next pumping session. Or you can wash, dry with towel and then reuse.
  • After pumping: Put the bottles into the portable cooler bag with ice or in the fridge.
  • Carry with you in office:
    • Wet tissue pack (with the hard top)
    • Dry tissue pack
    • A bag to carry back the used parts. You can use the bag in which you carried the fresh parts to office.
    • Leak proof breast milk storage bottles or packets.
    • A towel if you would need to wash the bottles for reuse. Best to carry small towel either ways if there is any spill.