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5 Reasons To Use An Electric Breast Pump To Supplement Breastfeeding

When it comes to feeding a baby, breastfeeding and pumping are the two common ways to follow. Both methods can feed a baby, but some mothers can get doubts when deciding which method to use to feed the baby. Pumping can provide similar benefits to breastfeeding, but it is not the same as directly feeding milk from the breast.

In order to do the pumping, you need the best electric breast pump and learn how to use it in the correct way. You can decide to use any method or follow both methods as per your comfort levels. When following a single method is not mandatory, there are several reasons why people choose electric breast pumps as a supplement to breastfeeding. 

  1. Helps In Time Management 

Using an electric breast pump to express milk will help you manage your time better. You can simply use the pump when you are free or make a schedule to collect milk on a regular basis. This is very helpful for working moms because they can collect milk for their babies when they are free. It helps balance between personal and professional life while not compromising on your baby’s care.

  1. Helps Deal with Supply Issues 

Using a breast pump can help you reduce supply issues that can happen with breastfeeding. Some mothers use both breastfeeding and pumping to eliminate supply issues. By using the best electric breast pump, you can collect more milk and store it in a freezer safely. This way, you will never go out of supply, and you can feed your baby when he is hungry. 

  1. Increases Comfort 

If you can’t breastfeed but want to feed breast milk to your baby, having an electric breast pump can be helpful. You can include this in your plan and go for it with no worries. Also, it will be comfortable for you. In the case of a premature baby, pumping can be helpful compared to breastfeeding. You can consult with your doctor before using a breast pump and determine if the baby is getting the necessary nutrition through this method. 

  1. Ability To Share Your Task with Other People

If you use a breast pump to store milk in a freezer, you can let other people in your family feed your baby. When you want to rest for some time or do some important tasks, you can do that because other people in your family can feed the breast milk to the baby that you have stored. 

  1. Offers More Breaks Than Regular Chores 

Breastfeeding makes it compulsory to stay with your baby to feed him whenever he is hungry. But pumping makes your task easier. You can get a break from your regular tasks by storing enough milk for the baby. Also, you can go out for a few hours by allowing another person to look after the baby. 

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You can either choose to breastfeed, pump, or both methods depending on your comfort levels. Both methods can provide health benefits for the baby. But having the best electric breast pump can give you more flexibility.